Alkaline Water Purifying System

Stage filteration system


1st stage - Pre Filter : Ceramic Catridge- reduces bad taste and odour,sediment and asbestos.

2nd stage- Filter 2: Cation Exchanger-replace magnesium and calcium ions found in hard water with sodium ions,water softening,reduce nitrate and flouride from  water,remove poisonous and heavy metal ions from solution, replacing them with more innocuous ions, such as sodium and potassium.

3rd stage - Filter 3: NSF Granular Activated Carbon - most effective in removing a larger number of contaminants,sediment and unhealthy trace organics substances especially chlorine.Remove pesticides and herbicides,benzene,trihalomethane compounds,radon solvents and turbidity in the tap water.Reduce or eliminate bad tastes,odours and colours to produce significantly pur and healthy drinking water 

4th stage - Filter 4: Alkaline Activation - Boost activation,mineralization and activity of water which has several functions in health care and bacterium resistance. Improve drinking water taste and diminution of bad smell.Reduces the cluster size of the water molecules to increase absorption rate by our body. Good anti-oxidant source and reverse aging.Alkaline water helps to neutralize acids and remove toxin from our body.Ideally, drinking water should have a PH reading between 8 to 9.

5th stage - Filter 5: Nano Silver Granular Carbon - Remove pesticides and herbicides,benzene,trihalomethane compounds,radon solvents and turbidityin the tap water.Prevent bacteria growth.Kill Bacterium upon contact and preventing any escaping bacterial from pasteurizing.

Alpha Alkaline Purifier

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